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In-house studio + apartment

This project had a previous owner who made several alterations, many non-compliant, creating a confusing web of spaces.  A self-contained consented flat was also located on this floor but had a poor layout and a long list of overdue maintenance issues. Original design ideas were to create a large downstairs studio as a space where the owners could work their often-long hours but also contain a professional place to meet clients. Direct access to the upstairs dwelling from the studio was a priority. The apartment design would be reconfigured to add a bedroom, upgrade the plumbing and electrical as well as create a more open, modern and light-filled space for their live-in relative. On the first floor load-bearing walls were removed and creating two large spaces from the previous three rooms. This included removing a centralised chimney that traversed three floors and a stairwell into the attic space. 

The downstairs area is now rationalised creating a unified area for working and hosting. The existing change of level was incorporated into the design creating a separation between the main client-focused area and the more private work area. A new lower level glass stairwell connected the first floor and then changes to a more domestic-styled timber design serving the second floor attic. The clients reclaimed a demolished basketball court and had it installed as cladding for the walls, floor and stair bulkhead. The reclaimed floorings' materiality and colours drove the selection of the interior palate including the acid treatment of the existing exposed beams.

:Major renovation: Interior design: Planning restrictions: Spatial design