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1970's House

This split-level 1970s house had all the best elements of a period house: size, space, architectural elements with a large section. It also had the internal timber panelled walls, avocado green paint and dark, disconnected spaces. The clients wanted to use the renovation as an opportunity to reflect their own design ideas and bring the building up to date. Ideas centred on opening up the existing kitchen to the dining and lounge area as well as re-orientating some of the existing doors and windows to streamline circulation spaces. Dated cabinetry and wood panelling would be removed to expose the central feature; a large South Island sandstone-clad fireplace. 

The final result included insulating the house, installing a new roof and painting the exterior. New double-glazed window and door joinery units in black aluminium were replaced for a more modern look. New tile in the foyer extended out to the front porch creating a consistency between inside and outside, framed by a new front door referencing the original architecture. The existing stair wall and access door were removed to install floor-to-ceiling timber batten wall leading through to the open plan kitchen. 

A disused laundry area was converted into a scullery creating more accessible storage space that captures the existing north-facing window light.  Existing interior panelling has been painted white and a new, full-length recessed wall feature light replaces an old shelving unit across the high lounge wall.

:Major renovation: Interior design: Planning restrictions: Spatial design