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Bungalow Renovation

Set in a quiet street in Sandringham, the original building had two poorly executed renovations. A garage and storage lean-to took up a large part of the north-facing garden and fostered drainage issues. The clients wanted a design sympathetic to the existing house aesthetic and layout that incorporated elements from their previous home. They also wanted to include items their previous house had lacked: a large area to entertain plus space for their teenage children to retreat to. 

Design decisions were made based on the family’s priority on entertaining as well as the older childrens' involvement in competitive sport.  The undersized existing kitchen and fireplace were demolished and replaced with an ensuite, media room and lounge including a pop-out bay window. The demolished service area made space for a larger bathroom, laundry and storage area. A new stand-alone exposed rafter roof covers an open plan kitchen and dining area. Direct access to a large, north-facing deck with built-in planter boxes and privacy screens allows for year-round use. 

 : Major renovation: Interior design: Planning restrictions: Spatial design: Landscape